01 / About Us

We are a property management company. We’ll take care of your vacant
holiday home or property without you having to lift a finger.

We’re not property renters or sellers, we are fixers.

When you arrive at your holiday home after 10 months, you don’t want to spend your whole holiday trying to clean, fix, paint or build something. The word Mafia reminds us of a person who takes care of his family and investments, has all the right connections and knows all the right people to do the job.

We can help you find vacant land, design your dream home, build your dream home
and also take care of your holiday home. One person to deal with, one account to pay, one complete package.

We are the House Mafia and we take care of your investment when you are not able too. We will do all of this so you can relax and take it easy.

02 / What We Do:



– House Mafia does monthly or weekly check-ups and reports on everything home-related, this way you’ll always be updated

– We will supply quotes on all maintenance work from Painting to fixing light bulbs

– Teams take care of all the work that needs to be done at your Holiday Home, under supervision


Keeping your home in mint condition has never been easier



– Construction Management for minor or major renovations

– Construction Management for new Holiday Homes

– Development of vacant land to complete Home


Getting things done at your holiday home will be stress-free, leave that up to us.



– Architectural design work from a minor addition to the complete package

– Interior design for your new or old holiday home

– Source and supply furniture

– Fitting anything from blinds to paintings


Getting things done at your holiday home will be stress-free, leave that up to us.

03 / Services



Cleaning, Gardening, Pool cleaning and Holiday Preparation



We offer professional and supportive home management services and will be the personal caretaker of your holiday home when you are away or on holiday



We are a one-stop shop who offers extensive and comprehensive services leaving you with one account to pay and one company to deal with, making life so much easier.



House preparations for when the owner arrives – from cleaning, gardening, pool cleaning, fresh bedding and a stock of braai wood.

04 / Why Us?

The service I provide is a direct reflection of my personality. I pride myself in the work I do therefore you can always expect the best. House Mafia values great relationships with our clients, and a good understanding.

“You are part of the Family”.

We will make you feel at ease and assured that a professional is taking care of your investment.

All houses constantly need work and maintenance to keep it looking great and to keep its value and that’s where we come in. We love helping people who live or work too far from their property.

Growing your investment without having to spend large amounts of money at one time, you can rather spend small amounts stretched over a period of time.

We love to help with anything house related that you can’t take care of yourself.

Get In Touch:

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